Why Should We Opt For The Simple Life

The Urban Homesteading movement is growing around the world. Not everyone supports this return to the simple life and many just do not understand it.homesteading farm

Looking at news from around the world it easy to see our technologically fast paced world is not barreling toward Utopia. In fact, is quite clear that we are on a path of self destruction. The homesteading movement is in some way an attempt to regain control of our own lives, and the destiny that we have as a species.

In The News: Examples Of World Insanity.

The first example of corporate greed exploiting the world we live in, no matter the cost, to keep up with our insatiable consumerism is … gas ‘fracking’

All around the world energy companies are using hydraulic fracturing (or fracking as it is known) to exploit resources below the ground. This practice is known to cause earthquakes, contamination of water sources and surrounding soil.

The Guardian reports:

Shale gas is now one of the major sources of energy in the US, following years of intensive fracking operations, but critics point to ravaged landscapes, contaminated water supplies and potentially damaging pipeline installations left by industrial-scale operations, as well as concerns over the long-term safety of the wells. Although natural gas is supposed to be a “cleaner” fuel than coal, releasing less carbon when burned, evidence also suggests fracking produces more carbon than exploring for conventional gas supplies, making the fuel less attractive from an environmental point of view.

So are our politically correct “green” approaches to living anything more than shifting wealth from one industry to another? It seems that greedy corporates have been manipulating what little sense of guilt and environmental care that we have for their own ends. The reality is that much of what is passed of as a “greener” way of life is only as green as the label that they past on it.

Whereas becoming less dependent on external resources and more self sufficient is one way to lessen the impact that we each cause on the world. Using organic methods of growing our own food, recycling the resources that we have where we live for energy and clothing, and unplugging ourselves from the earth ravishing ‘grid’ is likely to have a lot more impact to the welfare of our planet. It is, however, a sacrifice that only a few are truly prepared to make. The recent growth in the urban homesteading industry does show that people are beginning to appreciate it may be the only way that we can make difference.

On a different note:

An “Insane Michigan government announces plan to destroy ranch livestock based on hair color and arrest hundreds of ranchers as felons

The Michigan government has pulled the race card on pigs and pig breeders. Small time farmers trying to breed pigs in an outdoor environment are being targeted for choosing pig breeds with the natural vigor to survive in the harsher out-door climate. Run holders like Mark Baker are facing prison terms if they obstruct Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials from destroying all animals that they deem to be an “invasive species.”

I haven’t the resources to do a complete examination of why this organization has come to their conclusion, however, Mr Baker and his contemporaries say this is just a case of corporates such as The Michigan Pork Grower’s Association trying to shut them out. Those apposing this judicial goose-stepping point out that they are trying to take away the rights of individuals to choose what and how they farm, which would also impact everyone in the homesteading movement as well.

There are plenty of examples of regulations of what breeds of animal people are allowed to keep or not. Restrictions on dog breeds are in place in various countries with dogs such as Pit Bulls being outlawed. Most countries have strict regulations regarding exotic animal breeds. And this is not considered a threat to our individual freedoms because they are generally regarded as restrictions beneficial to the community as a whole.

But, if the Michigan case is what Mr Baker reputes then this could have far reaching repercussions. More corporate food and energy suppliers threatened by the self sufficient movement could start legislating away the rights of the individuals – you and me – so that their corporate profit margins are not diminished.

This is homesteading in the global political scene. What are your views? Does this help you understand the significance of what the movement is about? Are you more or less interested in how you can make a global difference in your own back yard? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.