Global Warming Guru Admits False Claims

Jack Lovelock has been described as the Godfather of global warming. His alarmist claims predicted the death of billions, and only a few “breeding pairs” of people surviving in the Arctic by the end of the century.
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[/table] However, 6 years on from those claims and no appreciable rise in the Earth’s temperature, Lovelock is back peddling. The cynical might note that with a market place saturated with alarmist books it would be hard to produce a best seller – especially when the evidence was scant at best, and fabricated in general. So for Mr Lovelock to produce a best seller he would have to come up with a new twist – and it appears he has done just that with his how-its-not-to-late-to-save-the-planet new release. Of course that doesn’t sound particularly sexy, so to spice up the press releases Lovelock has admitted that in the past he went “too far.” He also points the finger at Al Gore, and Tim Flannery stating that they also mislead the public with their claims.

Although he still stands by his claims (although on a different time scale), Lovelock admits that “we don’t know what the climate is doing.”

The world has not warmed up very much since the millennium. Twelve years is a reasonable time… it (the temperature) has stayed almost constant, whereas it should have been rising — carbon dioxide is rising, no question about that.

How is it then that none of his peers are also admitting “All right, I made a mistake”?

Lovelock forthrightly explains that they might have a hard job making such an admission when they are funded by Governments and Universities that would revoke their paychecks if said admission was made.

All this talk of deception and gross negligence with regard to the facts makes for great publicity and goes to show that a leopard cannot change its spots. Lovelock is still using the same hysteria generating press releases to make money from the gullible. He is brazen enough to flaunt the truth when describing the exaggerated flaws in Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth Is Fighting Back – and How We Can Still Save Humanity: “I would be a little more cautious — but then that would have spoilt the book.”

Some of Lovelock’s other ideas are not so cautious. He is a supporter of nuclear power, and gas fracking, as sustainable energy sources. On alternative power sources such as wind he says, “so-called ‘sustainable development’ … is meaningless drivel … We rushed into renewable energy without any thought. The schemes are largely hopelessly inefficient and unpleasant. I personally can’t stand windmills at any price.”

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Why Jack Lovelock Is Dangerous

The first reason that Lovelock, Gore, and co are dangerous is because they are like the little boy who cried wolf. They spread mass hysteria and make absurd claims that any rational person dismisses instantly. This sensationalism, of what is in fact a serious issue, can cause the baby to be thrown out with the bath water. People can ignore the need to make changes because they rightly don’t believe that the planet will be incinerated by the effects of green house gases by the end of the century. Even those who do believe the insane statements made by Lovelock find the thought of saving the planet from doom amidst a sea of people who don’t care overwhelmingly daunting and give up.

Apart from creating an environment where moderate calls for sustainable living are drowned out, Lovelock is also misusing his position as the godfather of global warming to discredit ideas that he personally doesn’t agree with, such as the use of wind generated electricity. It would be unfortunate if he was able to dissuade others from heading such routes because he has a personal issue with it. Remember this is the man who has spent most of his life studying the impact we are having on the planet and yet he admits he doesn’t have a clue what the climate is doing. The same person who also supports such technologies as nuclear power and gas fracking despite the evidence of devastation they produce.

Scare mongers and sensationalists such as Lovelock have given a bad name to those actively trying to do their bit to help save the planet. They care only about themselves and the sales of their latest book. While many thousands of people around the world are living in such a way as to reduce their global footprint. These are the people that governments should be listening to, not scientists who admit they have defrauded people to make book sales. It is honest, hard working homesteading families that will impact communities and bring about changes for the good of the planet long before nutters shouting “the end is nigh – buy my book.” Rather ironically, Lovelock thinks the “green” movement is overly religious. To quote from the Bible, he should remove the log from his own eye before trying to remove the speck from someone else’s.