Unique Garden Paths

Ok so I am researching garden path design ideas and I come across a great low impact design that will give a really good view of the garden …

Picture of an aerial garden path

But then I think that perhaps this is a little extreme for many of the people who might wander through my garden?

So I check out other extreme path ideas and come across this …

Extreme cliff path construction

This would be a great path in my vertical garden section! And it certainly makes my original garden path idea seem a little more realistic.

However, I decide that I really want to make my garden more accessible so I better find a slightly more user friendly path.

After some looking I think I have found a great combination of extreme garden path meets grandma friendly garden path…

Picture of a grandma friendly aerial garden path

If a person had the space and the money this would be a great option I think. However, I do not have the trees to support such a construction, and I decide that growing a bunch of dead poles to support these paths just wouldn’t have the same effect. Back to the drawing board.

Not to be deterred I began looking for less lofty path construction techniques.

The next one is certainly spectacular and would stand out (at least at night) as it was lit up like a Christmas Tree.

The problem, apart from the cost, is that I am not sure it would fit too well my surroundings. One doesn’t want to be seen to be” showing off” and starting a war between neighbors as to who can produce the most spectacular night show.

Perhaps I will settle for a glow-worm like wall instead?

After much ado I think I have narrowed it down to a choice of a path made of wood rounds, or one of concrete shapes.  Since I am not much on the end of a concrete mixer perhaps I will go with wood rounds.

Path ideas sorted!

Next problem is what to build at the end of the garden path.

My initial thoughts were something like ..

Although, once again, I will probably have to settle for something a little more down to earth.

This one would certainly match the wood path idea …

picture of a she constructed from logs

But that is a story for another day …

Time to build a garden path!