Natural Health Remedies: Homesteading Alternative To The Chemist

Herbal medicine has many supporters. It also has many detractors that claim it is hocus pocus and witchcraft (of course, many of these people are also in the industry sponsored by large drug companies). Whatever your view on natural medicines, it cannot be denied that not very many years ago herbal medicines were the only alternative and this had been the case for thousands of years.mortar and pestal with natural herbs

The great thing for people involved in urban homesteading is that many of these herbal medicines are made from plants that require very little space to grow. This places natural remedies within reach of most people. If you save yourself one trip to the chemist each year your home herbal garden will probably have paid for itself.

Some natural health remedies can be as simple as applying egg whites to burns, or yoghurt to sunburn, while others may involve more exotic concoctions of wild plant extracts. What they have in common is that they are natural products working in natural ways. The alternative is chemically modified substances working in non-natural ways that often create more problems than they solve further down the road.

If using natural health remedies to cure ailments is a step too far for your comfort zone at the moment you can begin by using herbal prevention. One simple step you can take is to cut back on coffee and start drinking green tea. While coffee is natural, and in small doses can be beneficial to performance, the over-all effect that coffee has on your body is negative. Green tea has quite the opposite effect. It is a great source of natural alkaline intake which creates in your body a bacteria fighting environment and boosts your immunity.

Garlic, Cinnamon, Mustard, and Horse Radish are all renown for their ability to fight the bad guys and build your immunity. Increasing these foods in your diet will aid your ability to fight coughs and flues over the winter period.

If you haven’t got green fingers, or don’t have access to a supply of natural herbs then you can buy fresh mountain grown herbs and herbal remedies from Spirit Horse Herbals. Having personally sampled their product I can vouch for their professional presentation and mountain fresh fragrance combined with very friendly service.

However you go about it, we at want to encourage you to trying natural health remedies as part of your healthy living choice. Your body and our planet will thank you for it.