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Urban Homesteading Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping is the latest craze in urban homesteading in Britain.

Rooftop beehives are the new “chicken coop” as urban dwellers attempt to combat the falling local bee populations.

urban bee keeping

Bee Keeping Picture by The Telegraph

The added bonus it the free honey the bees produce, but the real drive is to encourage pollination of the local plant life.

The shrinking bee population is a world wide phenomenon with the increase in herbicides and insecticides along with the destruction of the natural bee habitat. In central London alone there are over 2,500 hives and more than 700 beekeepers. Not to be out-done the queen also has her own beehives.

The rooftop apiary craze is spreading across the USA also, despite a failed bid by the New York city authorities to ban rooftop beekeeping.

Join the global push to repopulate the bees of the world and future proof pollination of our plant species for generations to come.